Important Notice


See World Archery Website for more details by clicking here…..

With reference to our communication to SANIFAA members beginning of 2014, that SANIFAA and SANAA will become one.

The process is in the final stages. No additional information will be added to the SANIFAA website. Existing information have been migrated to the World Archery SA site – If you click on the menu items on the SANIFAA site it will redirect you to the World Archery South Africa Site.

Why is the SANIFAA site still active?
A number of competition online registrations are still in progress, and these need to be finalised before the SANIFAA website can be redirected in totality to the World Archery South Africa website. The site will be directed to the World Archery South African website as soon as the existing competitions is completed.

I want to join SANIFAA what now?
New members or existing members who want to join or renew their membership, need to join on the World Archery South Africa Website. If you are an existing SANAA member, you don’t need to do anything.

What happen to my SANIFAA Membership?
All existing SANIFAA Memberships are being migrated to the World Archery South Africa Website. If you is an existing SANAA member, please use your SANAA credentials to login to the World Archery Website. Most of the SANIFAA information have already been migrated to the World Archery South African Website, and your profile will show as such.

I don’t have a SANAA Login ID?

  • Signup on the World Archery Website. This is on the top, left hand corner.
  • Contact the webmaster with your existing SANIFAA number.
  • The World Archery South African website use dual authentication for your protection:
    • Firstly you will need access to the website of World Archery South Africa
    • When the above is achieved, you will need a Membership ID for the Membership Section. Existing SANAA members can just proceed as before. This will be supplied by the webmaster.
  • Note that some memberships still need to be created on the World Archery South African website. This can take a few days from receipt of your email.

What about the scores on the SANIFAA Website?
The process is underway to display the existing scores on World Archery South African’s website in the very near future.

Will the existing competitions or SANIFAA Disciplines disappear?
No, it is business as we all know it. The representatives details are below.
The SANIFAA disciplines will be known as IFAA Disciplines going forward.

Who do I contact on the SANIFAA disciplines?

For any information, contact the people above or see the
World Archery South African Website for details


No Competitions are currently specified.

Please contact the Webmaster.


With the new development of the website some challenges
are being experienced
with compatibility of Internet Explorer.
There are two ways to overcome for the interim:

  • Download Firefox (See on the right). The site seems to work
    100% with Firefox.
  • Use compatibility mode in IE. This will allow the site to function
    correctly, but screens might not display all information 100% as intended.